OPM-350D/500DAutomatic Cellophane Over-wrapping Machine
OPM-350D/500DAutomatic Cellophane Over-wrapping Machine
It is suitable for automatic film packaging of multiple products.
■ it adopts man-machine interface, PC control, fault diagnosis prompt and high degree of automation.
■ the hob is used to cut the film, the correction tool is simple, and the film cutting width is large.
■ the servo / stepping motor is used to automatically lower the film, the speed and length can be set freely, and the film can be lowered smoothly and accurately.
■ when waiting for packaging, the finished products packaged in the heating area will be sent out automatically to avoid heat affecting the quality.
■ servo drive is adopted, with stable operation, accurate synchronization and simple adjustment.
■ during collective packaging, multiple stacking methods can be realized to facilitate workshop layout and beautify product appearance.
■ the temperature module is used to control the temperature, which is convenient to set the temperature and accurate in temperature control.
■ it can be connected with automatic cartoning machine, inkjet printer, packing machine and other production lines.
Technical Parameter
Item/ model
OPM-350D OPM-500D
Packaging material
Film width Max 500mm Max 650mm
Packaging size L100-350×W80-260×H80-120mm L270-500×W80-260×H80-120mm
Fill roll diameter Max φ350mm
Packing speed
 Air consumption
Power supply
Machine size L3850×W1450×H2100mm L3870×W1600×H2100mm
Conveying part
Machine weight
2200KG 2500KG
OPM-350D/500DAutomatic Cellophane Over-wrapping MachineSample