We escort our customers with professional and systematic technical services, give customers a value-added experience, adhere to long-term ism, always take the customer's heart as the heart, and let customers be satisfied is our lifelong pursuit.

Service guarantee measures
Service commitment

Think what customers think and be anxious about what customers are anxious about; The customer's business is my business, and the customer's problem is my problem.

Warranty commitment

The product shall be guaranteed for one year from the date of commissioning.

Commissioning services

After the products arrive at the customer's site, we will send technicians to be responsible for and cooperate with the customer's installation and commissioning, and train the customer's operation and maintenance personnel. Only after being accepted and signed by the customer can he leave the customer's unit.

Training services

If the customer proposes to send personnel to our company for training, we will arrange comprehensive technical personnel to train them, and let the trained personnel pass our assessment and award certificates. The training period is generally one week, and we are responsible for the accommodation arrangement during the training period.

Maintenance service

During the warranty period, if the customer has problems in using the product and cannot be solved with our remote support, we will send technicians to the site to deal with the problems within 72 hours after receiving the customer's notice. If it is not for the customer's operation, we will be free of charge.

life service

At the expiration of the warranty period, we will provide lifelong service for all non-compliance customers, and timely provide customers with complete spare parts, spare parts and technical services at the most favorable price.

Archives Service

After the execution of the contract, we will establish files for customers, including sales contract, technical parameters, production task list, commissioning report, acceptance form, relevant technical drawings, etc- Mail, or assign engineers to communicate directly with users to successfully solve users' problems.