DZKL-100TAutomatic Three-side sealing bag carton packing production line
DZKL-100TAutomatic Three-side sealing bag carton packing production line
This packaging production line is applicable to the automatic box feeding packaging of small and medium-sized bags with loose, five viscosity particles and measurement requirements in medicine, food, daily chemical and other industries. Such as: granule, cereal, coffee, etc; Crystalline materials (monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, etc.); Fine pellet materials (Chinese patent medicine, desiccant, etc.).
■ the packaging form of automatic feeding, box opening, box entering, batch number printing, box sealing, waste removal, corner labeling and three-dimensional packaging is adopted, with compact and reasonable structure and simple operation and adjustment
■ servo / stepping motor, touch screen and PLC programmable control system are adopted. The man-machine interface display and operation are clearer and simpler, with a high degree of automation and more humanization;
■ the photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system is adopted, which can not leave the box empty, saving packaging materials;
■ large packaging range, convenient adjustment, and fast conversion between various specifications and sizes
■ changing the specification does not need to change the mold, but only needs to be adjusted;
■ adopt automatic shutdown and overload protection device of main drive motor when articles are not in place in the box, which is more safe and reliable
■ according to the requirements of customers, the upturned safety protective cover can be adopted, which is simple to operate and beautiful in appearance.
■ it can realize linkage production with bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, online weighing instrument, three-dimensional packaging machine, other production lines and other equipment;
■ various automatic blanking devices and box feeding systems can be designed according to the requirements of packaging materials;
■ the hot melt adhesive machine can be selected according to the customer��s requirements, and the hot melt adhesive spray sealing box is adopted.
Five innovations:
Multiple connecting lines: 6 single row vertical three side sealing and packaging machines can be connected.
Save space: adopt hoist connection.
Saving packaging materials: positive and negative packaging stacking.
It is convenient to change the specification: there is no need to change the mold, and it can be adjusted.
High efficiency: the online speed reaches more than 60 boxes / min.
Technical Parameter
Item/ model DTTJ-100T
Packing speed
30-60boxes/ minute
Size range of carton
Paper quality of carton
Size range of use instructions
Paper quality of use instructions
Bag size
Volume per bag
Type of bag arrangement 4-12bags
packing machine line machine 2-6sets
power type
Power supply type
Three-phase four-wire380V50Hz
Machine noise
Air supply
Cartoning machine part
Arranging machine part
Machine weight
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